I’m your average dirt poor 23 year old student studying Biochemistry and Physics. I build Teddy Bears for a living at Build-A-Bear workshop by day, and moonlight as an EMT.  Watch out world, I’m driving in your ambulances and patching up your people! So hide your kids, hide your wife!

I am also a pasta guzzling, pizza munching Italian from Livorno, Italy!

Along with my love for anything science and medical related; I also have a huge interest in reptiles, tattoos and piercings. I have a rather large tattoo of my own on my back that a good friend did for me  along with way more piercings then I honestly should have.  I fear I may be more than slightly addicted, as I have plans for several more tattoos and one last piercings. Kudos to anybody who can guess how many piercings I have!

I also play way too many video games, and collect rubber duckies!